10 Most Promising Aviation Technology Consulting/ Services Companies – 2019


Strategic insights into the market help airlines not only boost their revenues and rationalize costs but also improve the overall customer experience. Aviation consulting and service providers deliver these actionable business insights along with various other technological advantages. They take into consideration market trends, operational advancements, air traffic forecasts, and more to devise sound strategies that comprehensively maximize opportunities for airlines.

Thorough airline performance assessment and reviews along with effective network and fleet planning assist airlines in keeping up with the constantly changing market conditions. Furthermore, as competition in the aviation industry becomes stiffer, service providers help airlines adapt their business processes and models to best address the current market challenges, and in turn, generate more returns. Airlines’ revenue management policies must also stay up-to-date with the proliferation of ancillary products, real-time and customer-centric pricing, product unbundling, and inter-airline agreements. In the case of pricing, service providers ensure revenue management success with business intelligence integration and fare structure optimization based on the analysis of how consumers make their purchase decisions.

Crew management and passenger handling services among others increase airlines’ operational efficiencies and profitability. From engaging with customers and speeding up aircraft turnaround times to improving on-time performance and helping airports realize their goal of increasing the capacity, consulting and service providers guarantee growth in an era of unprecedented changes. To help airlines and airports in selecting services most relevant to their current requirements, our distinguished panel, comprising key decision makers and experts along with CIOReview’s editorial board, has shortlisted some of the most effective consulting and service providers in the aviation technology space.

We present to you CIOReview’s 10 Most Promising Aviation Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Top Aviation Companies

Delivers turnkey business and technology solutions for companies in the aerospace and defense industry

Aviation Technical Services

Provider of a broad and growing portfolio of technical services in maintenance, repair, overhaul, engineering, component Repair and parts development worldwide


Provides integrated solutions that delivers innovative programs designed to reduce manufacturing and operating expenses


Provides supply chain solutions to keep fleets and systems operational, ready and safe and are the leading suppliers of parts, material and obsolescence management solutions


Embraer designs, develops, manufacturers, markets aircraft and systems and is a leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 130 seats in many countries


Provides the world’s most advanced aircraft data and records management platform powering innovation and advancing technology in the aviation industry

GA Telesis

Provides multiple integrated business units designed to maximize the valueof commercial aircraft and engines throughout their entire useful life cycle


Provider of global aerospace and defence supply chain provider with over 40 years of experience in the industry

Triumph Group

Designs, engineers, manufactures, repairs, and overhauls a broad portfolio of aviation and aircraft structures meeting the specialized needs of each customer

Wesco Aircraft

Provider of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aerospace industry and offers one of the world’s broadest portfolios of aerospace products