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Olivier Krüger, CEO
With digital transformation taking the world by storm, the aviation industry is transitioning to operations that are driven by automation. Acting as the catalyst in this transformation of the global aviation industry is Lufthansa Systems. Backed by rich experience, technological expertise, and profound industry knowledge Lufthansa Systems takes a customized approach in offering airlines the best-in-class IT solutions. Founded in 1995 the proficient IT solutions and consulting services provider is helping more than 350 customers in the areas of operational efficiency, flight planning, crew management, cost-effective revenue generation, and passenger safety. “We at Lufthansa Systems believe in harmonizing information technology for our clients, allowing them to innovate with confidence and stay ahead of the game,” says Olivier Krüger, CEO at Lufthansa Systems.

Lufthansa Systems offers next-generation flight and navigation solutions for airlines to improve passenger safety and reduce the manual workload. The solution displays real-time data relating to weather conditions, airspace, and traffic information. Its automated navigation system provides electronic runway navigation maps for pilots to manage flight planning better. Moving away from the hassles of paper-based maps, the company’s dynamic digital maps enable pilots to navigate through the right gate at an airport terminal. With access to constantly updated charts, documents, and messages on mobile devices, during flight, pilots can improve their situational awareness.

The company’s In-flight Entertainment (IFE) system, BoardConnect, allows passengers to get access to a wide range of digital services such as movies, music, magazines, and news. In addition, BoardConnect Portable, a mobile streaming unit, excels as a flexible all-in-one solution that guarantees unique personalized service for passengers. With these solutions, airlines can generate ancillary revenue while delivering enchanting flight experience. A European airliner is already leveraging BoardConnect Portable to improve customer engagement and differentiate in the market.

In addition to technologies, Lufthansa Systems offers consulting services for airlines to improve the performance of their legacy systems and architecture.

We at Lufthansa Systems believe in harmonizing information technology for our clients, allowing them to innovate with confidence and stay ahead of the game

The company brings to bear its expertise to enhance clients’ data reporting by breaking down the silos across departments and systems. By facilitating access to accurate data, airlines can optimize all their processes, perform capacity planning, optimize crew management system, and workflow planning from a single database. Recently, Lufthansa Systems’ consulting team helped one of the premium airliners in capacity planning and operations management. The team aided the client in network planning, cockpit optimization, and centralized operational control as well. The client’s managers and various teams were trained to leverage the existing data proactively and improve data visibility for informed decision making.

Keeping innovation at the core of its operations, Lufthansa Systems has created a working environment called “Aviation Campus”. It is a common platform for customers, partners, airlines, universities, and research institutions enabling a more cooperative, faster, reliable, and innovative collaboration. The Aviation Campus allows participants to communicate with each other, brainstorm ideas, and help the airlines in mitigating the impediments and meeting the compliance standards.

Lufthansa Systems is striving to tackle the IT complexities and improve their services that will put airlines in a better position to redefine the travelling experience for their customers.

To stay ahead of the pack and make aviation smarter, safer, and more connected, Lufthansa Systems is planning to expand its product portfolio with more cutting edge solutions. With a strong partner network, the company strides ahead, flying high in the digitally-driven world of aviation.

Lufthansa Systems

Raunheim, Germany

Olivier Krüger, CEO

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